Faith in American Democracy

Today’s the day.

And in Idaho, it’s not too late to register to vote because we have same-day voter registration.

You can figure out where you vote here:

Casting your vote is just the first step.

The Day After You Vote

Let’s talk about what comes next.

Monday morning, I came across a survey conducted in late October that stunned me:

  • 51% of Americans said they had faith in democracy
  • 37% of American said they have lost faith in democracy

Think about those numbers for at least a minute (or two). Barely half the country has faith in democracy.

That shouldn’t be the case, but I get it. If you don’t feel connected to something, it’s hard to have faith in it.

But how do you get connected if you feel like your voice isn’t heard?

It starts with opening the door to people who care about our community and state.

That’s my commitment to you. My door will be open to you and your concerns.

Have an idea to improve our community? Let’s talk about it.

Think we can do more to help our kids and teachers? Let’s talk about it.

Don’t like what’s happening in Idaho? Let’s talk about it.

Then, we can do something about it.

What Matters Most to You

I’ve said from the beginning that my ability to represent this district depends on hearing from people in our community about what matters most.

I can’t promise that change will happen overnight, or to be honest, even within a year. But I can promise I’ll work hard to keep us moving forward.

I will keep you in the loop about what’s happening, and I’ll share both the good and the bad, so you understand the process.

To start, I hope you’ll join me and the other folks representing District 34 on Tuesday, November 27 at 7 p.m. We’ve reserved the county commissioners’ room in the Madison County Courthouse for the first of several public meetings we plan to hold over the next few months.

We’re also scheduling monthly meetings during the legislative session. Our goal is to come home on the weekends (weather allowing) and share with you what’s happening and how it affects Eastern Idaho.

I’ll also continue to share weekly updates with you via email, and I’ve spoken to the local newspapers about the possibility of providing updates about legislation involving our local communities.

Of course, these efforts are only a beginning.

A Vigorous Democracy

It will take a lot more on my part and that of other leaders to help make a course correction. Because while we do live in an amazing country, there’s always room for improvement, and I want to do my part.

Ronald Reagan said it best when he noted that, “Optimism comes less easily today, not because democracy is less vigorous, but because democracy’s enemies have refined their instruments of repression.”

We know some people want the American experiment to fail. Our best weapon continues to be the willingness of the people to step up and protect it.

Ready to get to work?