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A fourth-generation Idahoan, Raybould pledges to put the people of District 34 first by focusing on local solutions that meet the needs of the community

Britt Raybould announced today her run for the Idaho House of Representatives to serve District 34 and Madison County. In her successful first term (2018-2020), she took an active role on the Joint Finance-Appropriation Committee, the Resources and Conservation Committee, and the Environment, Energy, & Technology Committee. Raybould sponsored over four dozen pieces of legislation that became law, including critical budget bills that increased teacher pay, funded state emergency services, and protected Idaho’s natural resources. In addition, she took the lead on safeguarding Idaho’s water and helping local business owners protect private property.

Raybould remains committed to standing up for Madison County and ensuring Eastern Idaho holds firm against the urban priorities of the Treasure Valley:

My goal as a state legislator remains the same: To serve my community and the state I love. That means securing a future with great schools for our kids, attracting more jobs to our community, and ensuring the best possible outcomes for Madison County. My record confirms that I will do everything in my power to make these priorities a reality.

The current representative is a sharp political operative. But what has he done for our community? Ron Nate panders to special interest groups. He lets these dark-money lobbyists undermine our core values and unity in this county.

We all support education returning to traditional core values. But instead of simply making a stand against critical race theory, Ron guts funding for our public schools, undermining our constitutional duty. No true conservative should be for big government, yet he continually votes to take responsibility from local officials, giving it to the legislature.

He’ll claim his actions represent this district. But he’s wrong. The Madison County I know believes in the power of our community. With his every move, Ron Nate seeks to divide to appease the special interest groups he holds dear.

In the coming weeks and months, I’ll make the case that Madison County deserves better from its representative. Our community deserves authentic leadership that will secure our future, a legislator who listens to everyone, and a representative who supports solutions upholding our true conservative values by solving the real problems we face. Doing what’s best for Madison County will always be my priority.

I know I can represent our whole community because I recognize that the seat belongs to the people. It’s not “my” seat, and I will never forget that it’s a privilege and honor to represent District 34. I ask you to join me as we do the work to ensure a brighter, more prosperous future for our state and the next generation of Idahoans.

A small business owner and the CFO for Raybould Brothers Farms, Raybould graduated from Sugar-Salem High School, Boise State University, and Westminster College. Throughout her career, she has served on many state and national boards. Currently, she serves on a subcommittee for Governor Little’s Cybersecurity Task Force.

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