We need to secure out borders & keep drugs out of Idaho.

The headlines speak for themselves:

In response, Gov. Brad Little announced Operation Esto Perpetua to tackle the dangerous surge of fentanyl and methamphetamine into the state. Part of reducing that flow requires securing our southern border.

We look to our National Guard and the Idaho State Police to help tackle these problems. During my time in the Idaho House, I supported the Guard and the State Police with the funding they needed to stand on the frontlines and protect our communities. I will continue to do so in the future.

Ron Nate failed to defend our borders and stop the flow of drugs into Idaho. He voted “no” on budgets for the Idaho National Guard in 2016 and 2022.1 Even worse, he voted FIVE times against funding the Idaho State Police.2

When I served in the House, I worked on the budget for the Idaho State Police and met regularly with Col. Ked Wills. He was always direct and answered all my questions. Did Ron ever bother to meet with Col. Wills or Maj. Gen. Michael Garshak, the Commanding General of the Idaho National Guard?

Madison County deserves a legislator who will do the work. We want our military and law enforcement to have the critical resources required to protect our communities and secure our borders. My record shows I will do my part to restore law and order at our border and keep drugs out of Idaho.

[1] S1369, 2016; H679, 2022; S1394, 2022

[2] H247, 2015; S1390, 2016; H680, 2018; H205, 2021; H750,2022