Britt Raybould - On the Air

The Idaho Legislature functions as a part-time governing body. But based on what I saw in Boise last week, they’re packing a lot of work into their schedule. Things will only pick up in the coming weeks.

I shared last week that I had a chance to chat with Matthew Christensen at BYU-Idaho Radio. The interview aired on Wednesday, and it’s now available to listen to on my website. I’ve “highlighted” different sections so you can jump around the interview.

One last thing I want to share. Since launching my campaign, I’ve heard two questions from more than a few people.

1. Aren’t you scared?
2. Why would anyone run for office today?

My answer to #1 is, “No! I’m excited to run.” I suspect this question comes, at least in part, from the fun fact that people’s number one fear is public speaking (number two is death).

My answer to #2 is a little more complicated. Yes, I get that politics may feel overwhelming right now with so much change and uncertainty. But I’m running because what happens in this state matters to me, my family, our friends, and our community. If we care what happens in Idaho we need to participate, and for me, participating means making a leap and running for office.