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Idaho needs Britt Raybould on JFAC

Madison County and Idaho need Britt Raybould back in the Idaho House serving on the Joint Finance-Appropriation Committee. As the co-chairman of JFAC, I saw firsthand how hard she worked to set our state’s budgets. She spent hours meeting with budget analysts and agency staff. Britt always asked the tough questions and pressed for more details so we could present the best possible budgets to our fellow legislators. She’s an effective conservative who knows how to govern.

In her first term, Britt carried over 30 budgets on the House floor and worked on dozens of others. The same cannot be said for her opponent, who carried only two budgets in two years, did not attend any of the work meetings with budget analysts and failed to do the job expected of a JFAC committee member. For someone who says he’s so concerned about our state’s budgets, Ms. Raybould’s opponent offered no meaningful contribution to the process.

Serving on JFAC remains one of the most time-demanding assignments in the Idaho Legislature, and Britt Raybould not only rose to the challenge but also excelled. She is a dedicated representative who shows up and does the work. I ask you to vote for Britt Raybould on May 17 in the Republican primary.

Rick D. Youngblood
Co-chairman, Joint Finance-Appropriation Committee

Consider voting Britt Raybould

Britt Raybould is passionate about Idaho’s water, and we need her in the Idaho House of Representatives. As chairman of the House Resources and Conservation Committee, I can’t stress enough the importance of returning Britt to the Legislature. In the coming years, how we handle Idaho’s water will determine the future success of our state. There is a critical shortage of legislators with a knowledge of water issues affecting Idaho. Between droughts and growing demand, we need representatives like Britt who have the knowledge and the dedication to do the hard work that will keep Idaho’s water in Idaho.

Beyond water, Britt understands agriculture and our rural communities. She will provide much-needed balance to an urban-leaning Legislature.
Britt will also defend Idaho from federal overreach and protect our natural resources, making sure that we keep control of our critical assets. With so much riding on this election, I encourage the voters in Madison County to vote for Britt Raybould in the Republican primary on May 17.

Marc Gibbs
Chairman, House Resources and Conservation Committee

I think we need a change

It is my belief that we haven’t been properly represented in the Legislature by Ron Nate. He votes Nay and cancels out Jon Weber’s vote on many critical bills.

Nate voted no against 14 educational bills, and rather than supporting our public schools, he wants to spend our tax dollars on vouchers and private education. I have also heard that many Republican House members find him difficult to work with.

Britt Raybould will better represent the values that are dear to me, and you can see her qualifications at Britt4Idaho on the internet. Definitely read the
endorsement of Mack Shirley, a five-term state representative, District 34. And take a look at the endorsement page featuring dozens of community and business leaders who support Britt.

I definitely feel that Britt Raybould will best represent Madison County and invite you to join me in voting for Britt.

Janet Crawford

You can vote today

Yes, early voting allows you to vote today and any day of your choice until May 13 as an option to voting on May 17 at the polling place. To cast your
vote early, simply go to the county clerk’s office, located west across from the Walgreen’s parking lot and request to vote Republican. Take your driver’s license, and if you didn’t vote in the last election, take a letter or bill addressed to you to verify residency.

Importantly, make your vote count by voting for Britt Raybould. She will best represent us in Madison County. In particular, she has a genuine
interest in supporting our public schools, our students and our teachers.

Idaho faces the possibility of severe drought that could not only affect farming but also Rexburg and Sugar City residents. Having served as president of the National Potato Council, together with her agricultural background as chief financial officer of her family farm, Britt is in the best position to protect our water rights.

As former president and CEO of the Rexburg Area Chamber of Commerce, I know the importance of building our community, and Britt will be a builder, looking to build our communities.

Donna Benfield

We need a change

Having served with Britt Raybould on the Madison County Republican Central Committee as a precinct leader and as committee chairman for six-plus years, I am very familiar with Britt’s ability as a leader and as a competent team member. Unlike others, she gets the job done.

Her expertise and knowledge in legislative issues made her a sought-after source for information and guidance. It was quickly apparent as we worked through rules and resolutions, both on the central committee and at Republican state conventions, that her knowledge and skills were needed to move the agenda along.

Britt’s knowledge of agriculture, education and family issues affecting eastern Idaho, especially Madison County, make her the ideal candidate for state representative for District 34 Seat B. Britt will cast votes that benefit our area as well as the state of Idaho. She will stand up for Idaho values.

I stand with former five-term state Rep. Mack Shirley in endorsing Britt Raybould’s candidacy as state representative for our community. I invite you to join me in voting for Britt Raybould as our next state representative for District 34 Seat B.

Adrian G. Baird
Former chairman, MCRCC

Why I’m supporting Britt Raybould

I’m supporting Britt Raybould in the election because she will best support our local schools and provide our students with the best advantages and opportunities.

Unfortunately, her opponent, Ron Nate, wants to spend our tax dollars on vouchers and private education, thus weakening our public education system. Ron Nate also opposes many bills largely supported by a majority of Republican lawmakers. Idaho also faces a severe water crisis, and Britt has the expertise and knowledge to preserve and protect our water rights, having served as president of the National Potato Council together with her agricultural background. Britt Raybould will much better represent the values that are dear to us, and you can see her outstanding qualifications on the Britt4Idaho website.

Especially take note of the endorsement of Mack Shirley, a five-term state representative, District 34. And also notice the endorsement page featuring dozens of community and business leaders who support Britt. She is highly respected in our community, and I feel deeply that she will bring dignity, honor and leadership to the office.
I definitely feel that Britt Raybould will best represent Madison County, and I invite you to join me in voting for Britt.

Richard Larsen

Support Britt Raybould for House seat 34B

We would like to urge voters to be sure to vote in this upcoming primary election. This is an election in which we cannot afford to be passive. The race for Idaho House seat 34B representing Madison County is a tight one. We have listened to both candidates and are far more impressed with Britt Raybould’s understanding of her responsibilities and ability to fulfill them than Ron Nate.

She has far more experience and knowledge on the critical issue of protecting Idaho’s water. We are impressed with her leadership experience and skills, extensive agriculture background and support for public education. She is conservative, level-headed and works to provide common sense solutions. Britt is respected and supported by many community leaders, farmers, professionals and people who run businesses. For exceptional representation for Madison County, we support Britt Raybould.

Tim and Kathie McGarry

Vote for effective leadership

The voters of Madison County have an obvious choice for legislative representative in District 34 on May 17.

We can continue with the ineffective, go-it-alone, radical politics of the Idaho Freedom Foundation’s chosen poster child or we can choose an effective leader who will work for her constituents and bring back the respect of fellow legislators that we have missed these past two years.

Please join me in voting for effective leadership. Vote Britt Raybould for representative, District 34.

Eric Erickson