Strong communities depend on strong families. I’m very lucky to belong to one of those families. Idaho needs to focus on adopting policies that support families through great schools, great jobs, and other initiatives that lead to great things for Madison County.

Great Schools

Engaged Parents + Committed Educators = Successful Students

Idaho’s Constitution requires that we provide “a general, uniform and thorough system of public, free common schools.”

I’m committed to making sure schools provide a competitive curriculum that prepares students for future success.

We want every Idaho student to reach their full potential and rise to the challenge.

The future of our state depends on the quality of our schools and the education our students receive. Great schools will also offer:

  • Additional access to vocational training and apprenticeships in junior high and high school
  • Traditional values that emphasize critical thinking
  • Growth-based testing that rewards progress over a school year

More Jobs

Remote Opportunities + Business-Friendly Environment = Healthy Economy

Agriculture, education, and healthcare are the backbone of Madison County’s economy. We’re also home to many small businesses, some multi-generational.

The future holds even more potential with remote work opportunities. Many of our kids who leave Idaho may now come back and bring their jobs with them.

But we need to build out the infrastructure to support them. Even better, we can create an environment to inspire business creation.

Creating an environment for great jobs requires:

  • Reduction of regulation & mandates
  • Predictable tax policy
  • New markets for Idaho’s goods & services

Best for Madison County

A Community We Love + Great Opportunities = An Amazing Future

We’re the fastest growing county in Eastern Idaho. That growth comes with opportunities and risks. We don’t want to lose what makes our community great.

Madison County can provide much-needed balance to counter the urban focus in the Treasure Valley. We need to look forward, stay engaged, and work together to lead our state into the future.

Building a great future for Madison County means:

  • Protecting life
  • Defending our 2nd Amendment
  • Lowering property taxes
  • Securing our water