Education In Idaho

I loved school. That’s me in Miss Jill’s first-grade class (Second row, blue sweater) at Central Elementary in Sugar City. I had a wonderful experience, and I want to make sure the same holds true for all Idaho students.

First Grade, Central Elementary
Miss Jill Moss, First Grade, 1985-86

During the 2020 Legislative Session, we took steps to improve our K-12 schools:

  • We passed a concurrent resolution to form an interim committee to replace Idaho’s Common Core standards with new content standards. (SCR132)
  • We passed a concurrent resolution to switch Idaho’s students from the ISAT/SBAC to the ACT/SAT. (SCR120)
  • We increased experienced teacher pay to a starting level of $52,000 with increased accountability. (H637)

All of our kids need a quality education so they have options. Our local schools need a competitive framework that will attract new businesses and provide a skilled workforce. Part of staying competitive means adopting measurable standards that hold people accountable.

Long-term, we need to consider other improvements:

  • Increasing student access to vocational training and apprenticeships in junior high and high school
  • Addressing concerns about student data collection and protecting student privacy
  • Making sure that we treat teachers with the respect their profession deserves
  • Adopting growth-based testing that rewards progress over a school year
  • Revisiting the role of testing in general and avoiding standards that lead to “teaching to the test”

Saying “Thank You”

It’s only fitting that I say “thank you” to the many teachers who helped me succeed in school. Because of their professionalism and dedication, I had an amazing education.

  • Miss Moss
  • Mrs. Barrus
  • Mrs. Valora
  • Mrs. Keller
  • Mrs. Liau
  • Mrs. Loosli
  • Mrs. Kinghorn
  • Mrs. Dearing
  • Miss Lusk
  • Mr. Dalling
  • Mrs. Williams
  • Mrs. Luke
  • Mr. Hamilton
  • Mrs. Orduno
  • Mr. Horejsi
  • Mrs. Butikofer
  • Mrs. Stumme
  • Mr. Patterson
  • Mrs. Weimer
  • Mr. Stumme
  • Miss Johnson
  • Mr. Miller
  • Mr. Schultz
  • Coach Romney
  • Mr. Tolman
  • Mr. Luke
  • Mr. Romrell
  • Mr. Cherrington
  • Mrs. Garn