Efficient Government in Idaho

Red tape and wasted tax dollars frustrate everyone. As of 2020, Idaho is now the least regulated state in the nation.

We need to maintain our commitment to reducing unnecessary regulation and expenses whenever possible. A more efficient government can deliver better services and by decreasing costs, create opportunities to lower our state taxes.


How do we know if budget dollars allocated in one session lead to the promised results? From education to transportation, we need to hold individuals and departments accountable for how those dollars are spent and avoid letting programs run on autopilot. If we don’t experience success, those details need to be shared with legislators to ensure we avoid similar problems in the future and make any necessary changes to future spending.

Our Legislative Audits Division review the activities of each executive agency at least every three years.

Committee Assignments

One of the most valuable roles a representative can play happens on the House committees. It’s the time to ask hard questions and make sure the legislation and requests brought before the committee represent your best interests. I’m committed to playing an active role and representing the needs of folks in District 34.

During the last two sessions, I’ve served on:

  • Joint Finance-Appropriation Committee (JFAC)
  • Resources & Conservation Committee
  • Environment, Energy & Technology Committee
Idaho Accountability
Idaho Committee


It happens in even the best organizations. Some efforts get duplicated and costs are doubled. In Idaho, we need to continue to assess each program and ensure that our budget dollars aren’t paying for the same thing twice. Doing so can strengthen existing programs by focusing our efforts on one goal, leading to improved outcomes.


Whenever possible, our state government needs to share information with its citizens. Transparency supports the prior goal of accountability and helps you better understand what’s happening at a state level. With today’s technology, sharing information can be done with minimal costs and empower Idaho’s citizens to better understand how their tax dollars are spent and how their interests are represented.

Idaho Consolidation
Idaho Transparency