Idaho Fall Moon

The current headlines tempt us to think we can’t get along when it comes to politics and government.

It’s us against them.

I don’t believe that’s true.

What I see happening in our state backs ups that belief.

Earlier this week, we learned that state agencies along with hospitals, foundations, and activists came together to develop a comprehensive plan for suicide prevention and awareness. In the big scheme of things, this plan may seem like a small thing.

And yet, as Betsy Russell reported in her coverage:

“In 2017, 393 Idahoans completed suicide, up from 351 a year earlier. In 2015, that figure was 362; in 2014, 320. The 2013 figure was 308; 2012, 299.”

My hope is that this plan pushes this number down by a lot because people gain access to the help they need.

Of course, I don’t pretend that all is well is Idaho. There’s always room for improvement.

But when we don’t stop to celebrate the successes and highlight the things that work, it becomes easy to get sucked into believing we can’t improve.

Once we start believing we can’t improve, it’s difficult to push back against the negative and leave room for the positive.

Our communities deserve better. Our state deserves better.

During this next legislative session, please reach out to me with your suggestions. What’s something we can do, right now, to make things better?

I’m also excited to announce that during the session I’ll host a monthly community meeting to keep you in the loop. I want you to know what’s happening in Boise, and I want you to have a way to reach me and share your thoughts. As we get closer to that time, I’ll share the details for those meetings.

The last thing I’ll leave you with is my best wishes for everyone still involved in the fall harvest. We dug our final potatoes yesterday, and I know there are still many acres around the state left to go.

Stay safe, and I hope our paths cross soon.