Few things are more personal than our religious beliefs. So, yesterday’s debate and vote on HR6, referred to as the Christian persecution resolution, hit home in a way I hadn’t anticipated.

Everyone suffering religious persecution is worthy of defense, and I said as much during the floor debate.

Below, I share my full statement, and you can watch the complete debate here (Select “House Chambers from the drop down, then download March 27, 2019) starting at 21:00:

I stand today as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Members of my faith have been persecuted for not being Christian enough. And that we would stand today and debate a resolution that calls out one particular faith is disheartening to me when we know that worldwide there is religious persecution everywhere regardless of your affiliation.

Let us be better than that. Let us say we are against all religious persecution. Not just Christian persecution, but all religious persecution. That is my challenge to this body today. I ask for us to be better.

No matter our faith, we’re stronger when we stand united. If anyone has questions about my support for religious freedom and rejection of religious persecution for all, please let me know.