Idaho Oath

There’s only one word to describe this week: amazing.

It all started on Monday with first-term legislators gathered for 2.5 days of training. Today, it will end with committee and office assignments.

In between, we learned about decorum on the House floor, how to write a bill, and a whole bunch of other things that we’ll probably forget between now and January.

It’s a challenge to learn all the rules, both written and unwritten. More than one experienced legislator has assured all of us that we’ll make a mistake eventually — probably many.

But that’s part of being a citizen legislator.

We’re not professional politicians, but we all swore the same oath on Thursday to uphold our national and state constitutions. As part of that oath, we promised to perform those duties to the best of our abilities.

It was a powerful moment to raise my hand and say those words. I meant every one of them.

As always, please let me know you have questions or how I can help you.