Last November, I announced my plans to run for the Idaho House of Representatives in Madison County. This morning, I made it official when I filed for Seat B in District 34. You can read my official press release below, but I want to give you a heads up about my campaign kickoff this coming Saturday, March 12 @ 10 a.m. We’ll gather at Adams Elementary in Rexburg. Saturdays are busy, so we’ll have things wrapped up in 30 minutes.


Raybould will run for Seat B, a position she held from 2018-2020, and invites supporters to join her Saturday, March 12, at 10 a.m. at Adams Elementary

Rexburg, ID — March 7, 2022 — Britt Raybould filed today for District 34, Seat B, in the Idaho House of Representatives to serve the citizens of Madison County. Since announcing her plans to run last November, Raybould has spent those weeks and months reaching out to district voters. Their feedback confirms overwhelmingly that the community needs better representation in the Idaho House.

The 2022 legislative session continues to provide more examples for why Madison County and District 34 deserve a change:

We face both opportunities and challenges in Idaho. We’ve low unemployment but rising inflation. We’ve welcomed amazing families to our community, but a growing population can strain our resources. We’ve watched our students excel in academics and sports, but we worry about what they’re learning in our public schools.

We have so much potential, and I want to ensure the best possible outcomes for Madison County. I’m committed to partnering with parents and educators to provide great schools for our kids. Working closely with local leaders and business owners, I know we can attract more high-paying jobs to our community. My record confirms that I will do everything in my power to make these priorities a reality.

How has Ron Nate responded to current events? He pulls political stunts on the House floor that waste taxpayer dollars. His bills remain stuck in committee because he lacks the leadership to secure enough votes to move legislation through the process. Instead of doing the work, Ron blames House leaders and chairmen for his problems. It says something that he refuses to accept any responsibility for the situation.

We know how much Idahoans value their local schools. They’re at the heart of our communities. But once again, Ron doesn’t use his position to improve them. Instead, he advocates for so-called “school choice,” which really means private schools funded by your tax dollars. He claims to love Idaho’s Constitution. But he glosses over Article IX and the Idaho legislature’s duty “to establish and maintain a general, uniform and thorough system of public, free common schools.”

On May 17, Republican voters will have the chance to nominate a representative who takes the time to listen and puts our community first. Ron Nate may claim to do the same, but his actions tell a different story. He continues to seek the approval of dark-money, special interest groups from outside our community and puts their priorities ahead of the people he represents. Doing what’s best for Madison County will always be my priority.

In the coming weeks, you’ll hear a lot about what it means to be a “real” Republican or a “true” conservative. I define it as authentic and accountable leadership focused on securing our future. It means I’ll uphold the traditional values that make Madison County a “beacon on the hill” and support solutions that solve the real problems we face.

I recognize that the seat belongs to the people of District 34. It’s an honor and a privilege to serve the community where I grew up. I ask you to join me as we do the work to ensure a brighter, more prosperous future for our state and the next generation of Idahoans.

To learn more about Britt Raybould and her campaign, visit Campaign supporters are invited to join Raybould at her official kickoff Saturday, March 12, at 10 a.m. at Adams Elementary School (110 S 2nd E) in Rexburg, ID.

About Britt Raybould

A small business owner and the CFO for Raybould Brothers Farms, Raybould graduated from Sugar-Salem High School, Boise State University, and Westminster College. She has served on many state and national boards throughout her career, including the president of the National Potato Council. In her successful first term (2018-2020), she took an active role on the Joint Finance-Appropriation Committee, the Resources and Conservation Committee, and the Environment, Energy, & Technology Committee. Raybould sponsored over four dozen pieces of legislation that became law, including critical budget bills that increased teacher pay, funded state emergency services, and protected Idaho’s natural resources. In addition, she took the lead on safeguarding Idaho’s water and helping local business owners protect private property.