Rexburg, Idaho

Last November, I announced my run for the Idaho House based on a simple principle: Madison County deserves better.

We’re one of the fastest-growing regions in Idaho, making us among the most promising. We need good working relationships between our local and state officials to achieve that promise. It’s a problem when legislators in Boise overlook local concerns believing they know better than the city and county leaders who earned our votes.

Our friends and neighbors speak up at public meetings when critical issues come up. They share their opinions, and our local leaders generally listen. If we don’t like their decisions, they lose our support during the next election. Instead of allowing this natural process to occur, legislators in Boise have taken to punishing Rexburg when folks in Ada County do things they don’t like. Such punitive actions are not the conservative way. 

Dark-money lobbyists pressure legislators to take away local control with misleading claims we can’t trust our community leaders to do right by us. We need representatives who put Madison County and the people who live here first. 

Legislators like Ron Nate continue to put our community last by undermining our local leaders, taking responsibility from our local government, and putting special interests ahead of local values. All so he can rely on that dark-money support.

We deserve better. As a community, we’re better served by collaborating with our local officials to find the best solutions for our community. The best solutions not only for Rexburg but for all of Madison County. That’s why I promise you I’ll continue to write and support legislation that restores local control. I trust you to do right by our county, and I’ll do everything possible to earn your vote on May 17.

The more decisions we can make in our community, the more confidence we can have that those decisions reflect our community’s values. In the coming weeks, I’ll continue to share more about how we can work together to keep our state great and build a solid foundation for the next generation.