Southern Idaho

Today marks my first day as a retired state representative. For anyone who knows me, you probably already understand that “retired” doesn’t really fit my approach to life. So, even though I may be setting aside an official title (for now), I’m far from done trying to improve my community and state.

During my time in office, I saw a lot of incredible things happening around Idaho. When you look at the past 20 years, it’s impressive to see how far we’ve come in such a short time. My goal is to help continue those efforts.

All About Water

I’ve followed Idaho water policy for a long time. Given my family connection to it, my interest feels almost genetic at this point. That’s why I finalized plans last July to begin a project focused on the economic effect of water in Idaho.

Without a sustainable source of clean water, we risk losing the things we value. Good schools for our kids, a strong economy with plenty of jobs, and the communities we call home aren’t possible without it. So, when I talk about water, I invariably end up talking about all those other things, too. Our quality of life in this state depends on our ability to protect our water and use it wisely.

While this effort started out as an independent one, I hope to make an announcement next year that expands the scope of my work. If I spend the rest of my life working to safeguard Idaho’s water, it will be time well spent.

Recognizing Idaho Leaders

During this last year, we’ve faced a lot of challenges. I know that’s stating the obvious. But as I’ve watched these past months unfold, I’ve seen some fantastic examples of leaders in our communities and state showing up and getting the job done.

The official announcement will come after the first of the year. But for now, I’m excited to share that I’ll be spending 2021 working with some fantastic folks to tell these stories of Idaho leadership. The plan is to produce a podcast and an accompanying written version of each leader’s tale. I’m inspired by the women and men working so hard, often under the radar, to give back to us.

If you know of someone that’s been doing incredible work, please let me know. I’d love to make sure we capture a wide range of experiences.

What Happens Next

I’ve taken a break from Facebook for the last few months, and I must admit, it’s been a relief. The ability to have any sort of meaningful discussion is difficult in that format, and it’s become even more so during this year. So, while I’ll continue to post brief updates on my page, I suggest you sign up below to receive sporadic emails from me if you want to follow my progress. Of course, you can check back here, too, and I’ll continue to share on Twitter, which seems to work better for me.

I love living in this state, and I believe I am responsible for making sure I leave it better and stronger for those who follow me. Thank you to everyone who has had my back the last few years. I hope you’ll join me to see what happens next.